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Estimate All Your
Interior & Exterior Paint Jobs Accurately and Profitably
Every Single Time...

"Discover a Proven, Easy to Follow Step-By-Step Estimating System that can Instantly Double Your Success Rate and Skyrocket Your Profits Overnight!"


From the Desk of
Andy Thompson

Dear Painting Business Owner,

Are you a painting business owner looking for an easy to follow Paint/Labor estimating system and bidding formula?

...One that will allow you to bid residential interior and exterior work, including all types of ceilings, doors, walls and trim -- accurately and profitably every single time?

Are you fed up with doing free painting estimate after free painting estimate only to watch your competitor’s get all the work?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this may be the most important letter you will ever read!

Knowing how to bid paint jobs is The-Vital-Key to the ultimate success or failure of your painting business.

In fact, NOT knowing how to bid paint jobs is the #1 reason 98% of new painting businesses fail within the first year.

My name is Andy Thompson, having 16 years of hands on experience in the painting trade; starting as an apprentice, then as a self employed painting business owner, and now as a consultant and author allows me to know our industry inside and out.

The hardest, most time consuming, not to mention confusing part of building a successful painting business is figuring out how to write profitable, competitive painting estimates very few painters ever figure it out.

…The lucky few that do run profitable rewarding painting businesses, while the many that don’t, rack up a bunch of debt, go out-of-business, and find themselves back working for “the man” for $12 an hour.

A Little Known Secret about Bidding Paint Jobs that Will Supercharge Your Success Rate... (How Does 90% Sound?!)

Every year TENS of THOUSANDS of painters decide to go into business for themselves. They all begin with good intentions -- but sadly fall victim to the same common mistakes -- that doom them to fail right from the start.

Far too many GOOD painters lose their business because they don’t realize there are actually TWO steps to the bidding/estimating process.

Yep, it’s true and most new residential painting business owners fail to realize this and it costs them TONS of money and - ultimately it could cost them their businesses!

If you want to land more paint jobs and instantly earn more money it is important to understand that bidding paint jobs and writing the painting estimates are two separate but equally important parts of the process.

Understanding the two steps I am about to reveal will help you avoid falling victim to this costly mistake…

Step 1 - The Bidding Formula:
How to Find the Right Price for the Job

How much to charge for the paint job is the first hurdle you face. Once you figure it out it’s like money in the bank! There is nothing like hearing a homeowner say YES to your bid!

You will literally have customers thanking you for taking their money, I’m serious.

But first, you must be able to figure out exactly:

  1. How much paint and materials will be required.
  2. How many man hours the job will take to complete (for one coat or two).

As you may already know by now if your prices are too high you will lose most of your bids… (Obviously, right?)

…But did you also know if your prices are too low they can have the same horrible effect?!

It’s true, a price that is too low says to the homeowner that there is something inferior about the painting service you provide and they will avoid using you like the plague!

Prices that are too high or too low can cause you to lose 70-90% of your estimates!

So exactly how do you come up with a winning formula…? Keep reading I am about to reveal the answer to that question and make your life a whole lot easier - and your painting business a whole lot more profitable!

But first it is important to understand the second step of the process.

Step 2: Writing and Presenting the Estimate.

It's important for new painting business owners to understand that people skills are more important than painting skills when it comes to selling your service.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to outshine your competitors and have homeowners falling all over themselves to schedule YOU to paint for them, is to present your estimates in a polite professional way – one that will lead them into the decision to choose you!

Most (and by most I mean almost all) residential house painters don’t have a clue how a painting estimate should be written… So they’ll scribble out a barely legible hand written contract with a price and a phone number.

Then they sit back and wonder why they can’t seem to land any jobs.

The proven formula I am about to share with you will allow you to come across as professional and trust worthy and can put - cash in your pocket - on over 90% of the painting estimates you write.

If you are ready to make homeowners stand up and take notice and happily pay you top dollar for your painting services over and over again, you are in the right place!

What you are about to discover is going to instantly and positively change the direction of your residential interior/exterior painting business.

Exploding Your Profits has Never Been Easier!

Stop settling for being paid a measly $20-$25 an hour for your valuable painting skills and quality customer service…

I am revealing my deepest, most closely guarded money making secrets. Secrets that could have you earning double that ($45-$65 an hour) - Immediately! 

The Bid-to-Win Estimating System is a complete solution to one of the most complex problems facing all new painting business owners; presented in an easy to understand, step-by-step action plan.

Seriously, I’ve broken down the entire process and made it so simple that even a 5th Grader can understand it!

  • If you are a residential interior/exterior painting business owner looking to consistantly land more work...
  • If you are ready to work smarter, not harder and keep your schedule full, week after week all year long...

Then the Bid-To-Win Estimating System is
exactly what you’re looking for!

Now before you say I've lost my mind - let me tell you 4 good reasons why I’ve chosen to share my top secret system:

  1. My Ultimate Goal is to Increase the Level of Professionalism in Our Industry.
  2. There is no such thing as competition… There is MORE than enough work out there for all of us! (There is more work than there are painters to paint it.)
  3. There would be more GOOD painters in the field if there was a step-by-step system available that simplified this complex process.
  4. Painters who have a solid understanding of how to write profitable competitive painting estimates would be able to concentrate on providing better customer service, which in turn would improve the image of “house painter” in the eyes of the homeowner.

Side Note: A successful painter’s most closely guarded secret is their bidding formula. It is the foundation of their success and the key to consistently coming up with that “Magic Price” that puts money in the bank like clockwork.

Once they come up with a winning bidding formula (which can take many months of costly trial and error) getting them to share it with you is like pulling teeth... they'll take that secret to their grave

But not me!

My fool-proof blue print will help you

The system I'm about to share with you is already working for house painters all over the world; helping them grow outrageously profitable painting businesses. (Now you can too!)

Simply apply the proven step-by-step system to YOUR painting business and start hearing homeowners say YES to your bids!

Using the powerful Bid-To-Win Estimating System it's easy to enjoy a consistantly full schedule!

I’ve laid it all out on the table, I hold nothing back – You will discover all of the tips, tricks and strategies for landing 9 out of 10 paint jobs you bid. (Imagine what that will do to your income!)

Here is just a taste of what you can expect:

  • You get the top secret residential interior and exterior bidding formula guaranteed to put “Cash in Hand” over 90% of the time! (Sky-Rocket your income and reduce your stress.)
  • You get complete “Estimate Writing Templates” so every estimate you submit will come across in a polite professional manner and turn prospects into satisfied, repeat customers.
  • You get ALL the customizable forms you will need which saves you time and money coming up with them on your own. Simply copy and paste them into a Word document, customize them to your business and print them out.
  • The Bid-To-Win Estimating System will allow you to AT LEAST double your success rate and possibly add ten’s of thousand’s of dollars to your bottom line year after year.
  • You gain confidence knowing all your bids will be “right on the money” with what homeowners are willing to pay.
  • This system will allow you to pick and choose the most profitable jobs and keep those for yourself while referring the scraps to your competitors for a fee.
  • I don’t just tell you what to do, I walk you step by step and show you how to do it, which means you can apply this cutting-edge system to your painting business and instantly become more profitable.
  • You will have a firm understanding of THE single most important piece of knowledge that you will need to ensure that your painting business will be a success.

Check out what other house painters have to say about this incredible Bid-To-Win Estimating System:

"Andy - Your Bid-To-Win Estimating System has done wonders for me.  For the first time I am confident in my pricing and estimating time, labor and materials.  Before, I would under price the job and lose time and money because I didn't have an estimating formula.

This program is what I have been looking for all along to help my business succeed.

I recently purchased Bid-To-Win and applied the estimating techniques to a home I was asked to bid on and won the contract because I followed the steps outlined in the program.

I was surprised to see the difference in pricing when I applied my old pricing habits to that of Bid-To-Win.  I said to myself "This can't be right it is too expensive, the customer will never agree..." but I was pleasantly surprised when I presented the quote to the customer and they accepted the bid!

Finally I can start making money and be more professional in a profession that I truly love!

Thank you, Andy Thompson for giving me this opportunity."

Michael Ollivierra
Paint & Picture Decor


"Andy has fantastic ideas that were extremely helpful in jump-starting and expanding my painting business.

I've implemented his ideas and my business is running strong after just three weeks - even now in January! Andy was also very quick in answering any questions I had, even AFTER the sale. He really stands behind what he says and is there for you.

You can't go wrong with Andy and his "Bid-To-Win” estimating system. God bless you Andy."

Greg Kaminski


"Andy - Thanks for shedding light on the business side of the trade and for the countless hours your Bid-To-Win Estimating System has saved me. It would have taken years to gain the knowledge you've passed down.

I have made my share of mistakes in the past, but after implementing your system I have found that I am far more confident and comfortable dealing with customers. You explained everything so perfectly, it all makes sense, and your bidding formula is terrific!

Thanks again."

Ben Ojeda


“What I respect most about what Andy has put together in this great Bid-to-Win Estimating System is that all the information he shares is taken from his successful 16 year track record in the painting industry.

This course is thorough, practical and chocked full of real world examples and strategies.

Andy Thompson is one of the most honest, caring and trustworthy human beings I have ever known!”

Sgt. Scott A Hewitt
United States Army
Airborne Rangers

"Hi Andy, I received your e-book last week, I have read it cover to cover and I would just like to say it is full of superb info on how to bid paint jobs and worth every penny.

I have seen some so called how to manuals which were in reality, total garbage and quite useless. Your Bid-To-Win Estimating System deals in useable facts, not pie in the sky BS."

Max Sutherland


“For the first time I actually feel like I got more than my money’s worth from the information I purchased online!”

“Andy, I landed the first two estimates I bid on and I have another one to go to tomorrow! I calculated my profits on those jobs, $1882.56… after just two weeks my investment in your program has paid for it self already…"

Unsolicited Testimonial from Paul:

"As a handy man whose primary source income comes from residential interior painting I can say with full confidence that the information Andy shares in the Bid-to-Win Estimating System has absolutely helped me increase my closure rate and profits.

This was one of the best business investments I have ever made."

Paul Budzynski
The Handyman Can


The Powerful Information Contained in this
Easy to Understand Step-By-Step System will
Revolutionize Your Painting Business!

I am literally giving you THE KEY to unlock massive success for your painting business. This course lays out a proven bidding formula and estimate writing strategy that you can start profiting from instantly!

The fact is, this information is worth 100’s or even 1000’s of times its small investment… It can skyrocket your painting business profits, reduce your stress and give you the self-confidence you need to land more jobs... (and that is priceless!)

But rather than demand the thousands of dollars I could charge for this information I wanted to make it affordable to EVERY painter with the sincere desire to succeed and provide a beautiful, rich and fulfilling life for themselves and their family.

By now I’m sure you understand how vitally important it is to know how to bid paint jobs and how difficult and expensive good information is to find on the subject...

So for a very limited time you can get all of my killer tips, techniques and strategies for consistently landing high paying paint jobs for the low discount price of just $177.

That's a HUGE savings of over 60% off the regular price of $297.00! That is an instant savings of $120.00! (Don't miss out - this Special "Launch" Introductory offer ends soon!)

Please understand you are not buying this information for entertainment - you are investing in the Bid-to-Win Estimating System because you want:

  • An easy and accurate bidding formula that you can understand…

  • A step-by-step system that you can begin profiting from instantly…

  • All the pre-made customizable forms and templates you need so you don’t have to waste time creating them yourself…

  • To land more jobs and make more money with a lot less effort (finally get ahead and have some fun)!

  • To take advantage of Uncle Sam giving you a big fat tax break - the Bid-to-Win Estimating System is a 100% tax deductible business expense. (Always check with your accountant.)

  • All taught to you by someone you can trust that has helped hundreds of painters around the world gain more confidence... but more importantly make more money!

You have a choice:

Keep fumbling around, wasting time, money and energy doing free painting estimates that never get accepted…

Continue to be insecure, stressed out and filled with worry, HOPING you can stay in business long enough to some day figure all this out on your own…


Decide right now to make THE most important investment you will ever make for your painting business - and enjoy the rewards that come with it…

  • Bring in TOP-DOLLAR for your skills and impeccable customer service.
  • Get an enthusiastic “YES” on 9 out of 10 bids you submit.
  • Extra money and free time for hobbies, season tickets or concerts.
  • Gain the SATISFACTION and PRIDE that goes with owning a successful painting business.
  • Be well-liked by your growing list of satisfied customers who call you back again and again to paint for them…

It is all within reach – Yours for the taking!


Be advised this program is not for every house painter. Now before we go any further, I do have to give you fair warning.

This ground breaking system is for residential interior/exterior painters who are serious about taking their painting business to the next level.

  • If you are one of those lazy riff-raff house painters looking for a magic bullet, hoping to just read through something and have the money magically appear in your bank account…

  • Or if you are not dedicated to applying this information to your business and becoming more profitable from the first day you start using this system…

This is NOT the program for you, so please leave my site now! I am dead serious!

Do not email me for a refund five minutes after you've purchased – after you “thumbed through it” and decided it won’t work for you - that is a waste of both of our time!

On the other hand the Bid-to-Win Estimating System is right for you if…

  • You are a house painter who takes pride in your work and knows if you could just figure out this bidding and estimating stuff your painting business would grow and flourish...

  • You would like to quickly grow your list of fiercely loyal customers who will refer you to all their friends and family…

  • You like to hear the word “YES” and see cash constantly being deposited into your bank account…

If that sounds like you and you are ready to create a painting business you can be proud of I will include 2 very special bonuses valued at $2064.00 FREEfor a very limited time!

These two ultimate short cut bonuses will instantly help you corner your market and ensure your success!

Ultimate Short Cut Bonus #1
A $1,500 Value (minimum) – Yours FREE!

–The Complete Competition Research Strategy Workshop –

Until now this top secret business building strategy was only taught in the $1,500+ per seat round table master mind group seminars! (This is serious front line stuff!)

It is the most powerful and little known strategy found in the business world, period. When you know how much your competition is charging for their services you will know exactly where you need to price yourself in your market to be “In the Money” from day one.

After you read this bonus, you will have the know-how to make as much money being a professional painting business owner as you can attract into your life.

Ultimate Short Cut Bonus #2
A $564 Value – Yours FREE!


That’s right you will have unlimited email access to me for one full year! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for one full year you can feel confident knowing I am just an email away.

Every year thousands of house painters decide to go into business for themselves only to fall flat on their face, (not because they lack painting skills) but because they don’t know how to write profitable, competitive painting estimates.

Not you!

Any time you have a question or run into a situation that you can’t figure out on your own I will be more than happy to do my very best help you. It is like having a business mentor at your beck and call.

I usually charge $47 per month for this service but you get 12 months absolutely free.


Due to the value of these bonuses I am only offering this incredible package for a very limited time at the low discounted price – so you must act now!

After all, part of being a business person -- is learning to recognize and capitalize on opportunities… while they are HOT!

Seriously, if you miss out on this introductory price, DO NOT email begging me to drop the price back down to $177 THE ANSWER IS NO! It is now or never. So don’t delay – Grab your copy of Bid-to-Win RIGHT NOW!

30 Day – Risk Free
“It does what I say or you don’t pay”
100% money back guarantee!

Don’t pressure yourself to decide right now. Simply take advantage of my better than risk free offer, apply the proven step-by-step system for 30 days, and witness first hand the ease and speed of your success!

If you don’t earn at least 20 times your investment back in the next 30 days simply email me for a full refund!

I know for a fact that this system will work for you and I know for a fact that it’s in your best interest to get your hands on a copy right now.

I shoulder ALL the risk for you. You truly have nothing to lose and an extremely profitable painting business to gain.

Rememberthis information can change the direction of your business for the better overnight

It is NOT re-hashed; watered down, theoretical crap like other websites are selling (frankly, I don't know how they can sleep at night)!

...Nor is it just a bunch of free garbage you could find doing a few simple searches on the internet.


This is a streamlined guide for writing profitable competitive painting estimates built on years of success and above average profits - presented in an easy to follow step-by-step action plan.

This course deals in facts, all the filler and fluff has been left out

All 123 pages contain the EXACT techniques and strategies that have been tested and proven to be extremely profitable... over and over again!

I have one more question for you...

How much money are you going to lose... this week, this month, this year without this vital knowledge?

Imagine the pride you will feel as customer after customer says yes to your bid.

Before you know it your business will be on autopilot as you cruise along from profitable job to profitable job... 

All because you were smart enough to follow a proven step-by-step system!

...So either keep doing what you’re doing – writing estimates that don't get accepted – being stressed out and worrying about paying your bills and keeping your business afloat.


Grab your copy of The Bid-To-Win Estimating System right now and feel the excitement of confidnetly bidding all types of ceilings, doors, walls, and trim accurately and profitably -- every single time! (And have the the extra money to do more of the things you love.)

I hope you can sense my sincerity and my deep desire to help people succeed.  I wrote this book for you.  

This is your chance to finally start making the kind of money you dreamed of making when you decided to start your painting business.

This is your momentDecide to take control and absolutely secure your financial future… If you want to build a solid profitable painting business and be in command of how much more fulfilling and happy your life can be, than you couldn’t ask for a better opportunity.

Claim YOUR copy of the incredible
Bid-to-Win Estimating System right NOW!

Once your credit card is approved you can download it instantly so you can start using it to start landing 9 out of 10 paint jobs right away!

Click Here to Order Now

Get the entire Bid-to-Win Estimating System which includes:

  • The Top Secret Bidding Formula

  • The Entire Estimate Writing Workshop

  • All the Customizable Forms and Templates

  • The Complete Competition Research Strategy

  • And don’t forget… You also have unlimited email access to me for one full year! (Together we can take your painting business to the next level!)

All for just $177! Bid-to-Win comes as an instant download so you can get started right away!

Click the button below right now to instantly download
Bid-to-Win and lock in your success:

Click Here to Order Now

If you do not have a credit card or would rather order by mail simply send a check or money order for $177 USD along with your Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number and Email Address to:

Unity Holdings, LLC
12986 Goose Lake RD
Jonesville, MI 49250

Click Here to Print Mail Order Form

To Your Painting Business Profits,

Andy Thompson
Andy’s Quality Painting

P.S. By acting right now you get SUBSTANTIAL savings, a wealth of FREE bonuses valued at $2064.00.  ALL with a risk free 30 day money back guarantee!

This collection of bonuses, discounts and generous guarantee is good for a very short time and could end without notice. (It will not be repeated!)

Follow this proven roadmap and streamline your path to success. Order now and test drive my entire money making system RISK FREE for 30 Days!

P.P.S. Not knowing how to write profitable competitive painting estimates makes every day a struggle. Don’t let lack of information be the reason your painting business fails. YOU ARE TOO SMART FOR THAT!

P.P.P.S. You will look back and realize this was the single best investment you have ever made for your painting business. I know this information will earn you thousand$ of times your investment back; quickly and with minimal effort.

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